Our new house in Bali

May 16, 2019

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Our new house in Bali

May 16, 2019

Today I'm writing this from my family home in Estonia. I'm already missing the feeling of Southeast Asia. The feeling of busy traffic, motorcycle noise and so called "controllable" chaos on the streets. 


After almost 900 days of travel adventures we finally decided to rent a real house for ourselves in Bali. We found a newly built house with no furniture. The house needed a bit of touch up to achieve our desired look. So then we began.


We painted the living room, bought all the furniture and decorated with Balinese art. All you see is local furniture from Bali. 

The cost of furniture for 2 bedroom villa was approximately 90M idr. - 5700€

The yearly villa rent itself is 150M idr - 9300€

+ additional maintenance and essentials.

Don't get caught in these numbers. You can definitely find much cheaper solutions than this. We were in a hurry with this decision.


Below you can see a simple overview video about our villa.

See you under the sun.







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