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South of Maldives - AYADA Resort

This post is about dream destination Maldives.

We've been to Maldives actually many times, but mostly we have stayed not too far from Male, around 30-40min boat ride. This time when we planned our visit to Maldives, we knew that we would like to see more South part of Maldives. It is a bit less visited, cause it is much more far from the main Island where you usually fly in.

We ended up going to Ayada Resort which is in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. To get there you need to catch a Domestic flight in Male airport, it will take 1hour to get to Kadhdhoo airport, and then 50min boat ride to get to the island. It might sound a long way, but its worth it! Flying over Maldives is such a unique and beautiful experience so this will go really quick. The boat ride is not that bad too, water is really calm and if you get lucky (as we did) you might see some dolphins on the way.

As we arrived we were welcomed by really friendly staff who had everything ready for us. We stayed in Sunset Beach Suite, which had a private pool and there you will also have a beautiful white sandy beach with the clearest water you've ever seen right in front of your villa. Ayada Resort also has water villas and suites, that I would highly recommend to staying in, it is so beautiful.

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We stayed for 3 nights and we slept so less, cause we wanted to make the most out of our stay. So we woke up with the sun and went to bed really really late, after watching some shooting stars on the beach, every night. Also we enjoyed cruising around with our bikes and snorkelling in crystal clear waters, where you can see some reef sharks too.

In Maldives, its all about ocean activities and beach life, but in Ayada they also have many other things to do. For example a movie night under the stars, which we enjoyed a lot. Or some nights they have a ''Carnival night'' - it is OH SO FUN. You can play different games there, and if you win you will get rewarded by points that you can later use for buying a popcorn or some delicious ice-cream.

About food- From breakfast to dinner, we were so pleased. As you can guess food was amazing, as it should be in 5 star hotels, but really it was finger licking good!

We already miss this Island, its vibe and nature they have there, it truly is a dream.

More info about this Resort and Island you will find in their homepage by clicking HERE.

And to see some more pictures check their INSTAGRAM.

Later on our trip when we were back to North Maldives on a local Island Thulusdhoo, we met a older Maldividan guy, who told us- ''You have to go south of Maldives to experience the real beauty of our land, it will blow your mind how beautiful it is.'' and this just summed this up so perfectly. We will be going back for sure!

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