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GREECE, Yes please!

In October 2017 we visited Greece for the very first time. We have planned to go to Mykonos before, bit so far we couldn't make it, but now finally. We managed to go there at the same time as our friendsJosh (@mytropicalblues) and Taylor (@taywag). As Josh and Taylor were in Greece already we decided to meet in Mykonos on October 10th, and thats what we did.

We stayed in Mykonos nearly 2 weeks, these two weeks contained a lot of swimming, cliff jumping, snorkelling in crystal clear waters, shooting for brands, riding around the isle with quad bikes, cooking delicious food at our villa, city strolls, gyros for lunch, filming, girls learned to make donuts on the sand with quads, meeting new friends and witnessing so many amazing sunsets.

We explored a lot of beaches, they are all worth a visit for sure but our favorite was definitely Paradise beach- if you go there and keep going more right, where the cliffs are, you will find more secluded places to be and you have a beautiful view there too. We went when the main season was already finished so it was way less people and no parties ofcorse. Parties in Mykonos end with September so you better go before that if you wish to party :)

Anyway here are a lot of pictures for you to enjoy Xx

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