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LOMBOK - beautiful lush and close to Bali

Lombok is an Indonesian island east of Bali and west of Sumbawa. People love to say that it is like Bali 6 years ago - not so many people visiting it, and its nature is just something worth to see. Have a look at our Lombok VLOG and continue with LOMBOK TOP 3 LIST.

So here you will find 3 reasons why you should visit Lombok while being around Bali.

TOP 1 Quiet and Local

If you want to escape the crowds in Bali to have a proper tanning day on a white sandy beach with clear blue water, and to enjoy it without getting sand in your eyes while people passing, then Lombok is for you. There are way too many beautiful beaches to explore and best thing about it is, that there aren't that much of holiday seekers around. True paradise!

TOP 2. WILD Nature

by wild we mean powerful, lush, untouched true JUNGLE. Weather you really like waterfalls or you are more of a hiker, there are plenty of both to go and see.

We were more interested in waterfalls so thats what we did ( the one you see on the pictures is called Tiu Kelep Waterfall). Don't get us wrong, we like to hike, but climbing Mount Rinjani would need a serious preparing since it will take 7 hours, as we were told by the locals. But surely it will be worth it once you get up to the Volcano and see the blue lake in it too. One day... One day..

TOP 3. Surf

There are many surf breaks in Lombok even for the beginners, and its is not at all as crowded as in Bali, so you really get to ENJOY.

We were mostly surfing in Gerupuk on a spot called DON DON, reef break, beginners through to advanced will like this wave.

( no pictures of surfing, because thats the only time we both want to have fun :)... or we just suck so bad that there is no point to even take pictures... I'll guess you never know )

SO overall Lombok is pretty much a chill place and a really beautiful one. VISIT IT BEFORE IT GETS CROWDED!!!

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