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Chasing Bali Waterfalls

Bali has really beautiful nature if you know where to find it. In north the nature is just so lush. There are many waterfalls to go to. We took one day to drive to north and see 3 waterfalls, unfortunately we only managed to see 2, but they were truly amazing and almost no one there. The first one was NungNung waterfall, we got there quite early, between 7-8am and we got it all to ourselves! The second one was Banyumala Waterfall, where we managed to swim even, cold but refreshing for sure!

So if you really want to enjoy the waterfalls 100%, get up really early, make the effort and avoid the crowds!

Also check out the vlog about the waterfalls, from there you can also see Aling Aling waterfall where you can do cliffjumping and sliding, so cool!


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