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Balian Beach, Bali

We totally planned to go back to Bali, so it was for sure next stop after Thailand. It is our second time around and we really feel the place.

After few nights in Canggu we went to Balian beach with a group of Estonian friends who were here to surf, so it was perfect for us. (First sunrise shots are taken in Balian beach.)

Balian is a super cute village and not crowded at all. It was fun place for surf but also a bit sketchy, mainly because there have been few Bull Sharks around. The water is not blue and as clear as for example in Maldives. It took a bit to get used to but once your having fun with the waves you will forget the other things.

One day we went around and did a little market tour where guys had a bit of local food and later ended our night with a pinky-purpleish sunset. As you can see from the pictures guys got really excited about the black sand.


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