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North Thailand

SO yes we went back to Thailand, but this time it was all about nature and no beach for 3 weeks. First we took our flights from Male to Bangkok, spent few days in Bangkok again and headed up north. First stop was Chiang Mai, stayed there for 2 weeks. I think we did so many Temples that its enough for our entire lives.

Chiang Mai is quite big city, so renting a scooter is also a must there. First place we went to spend a sunny day was Chiang Mai Grand Canyon. It is a old quarry filled up with water and the cliffs there are quite high, and the place itself looks pretty cool. Its a fun place to go if you are tired of city life and need to cool off in water, do some cliff jumping or take a sunbath.

We did loads of waterfalls,mountains, lakes and of course went to see thai boxing again.

Oh yes and if you are tired of eating that good thai food 3-5x times a day go grab a brekkie or refreshing smoothie from Smoothie Blues!!

PS! Make sure to bring some warmer clothes cause you might need them when the sun goes down!


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