Private Photography Lesson with Juhani Sarglep

2 hour private motivational photography lesson with Juhani Sarglep



Want to learn more about Photography and detailed photo editing using Adobe Lightroom app?

Who is this course for?

> Beginner photographers looking to learn more about photography.

> Photographers looking to fill any gaps in their knowledge

> Keen enthusiasts looking to take photography more seriously.

> People looking to make photography their profession.


The aim of the courses is to provide you with the knowledge and skills required for a career as a professional photographer or as a keen hobbyist.


You do not need a University degree to be a successful Photographer, you need the equipment, the skills and the creative flare to top it off!

This course is ideal for those beginner to intermediate Photographers who are looking to take their passion for Photography and either start their own business or get employed as a Professional Photographer. 


> Introduction to post-processing in LR

> Photographers new to Lightroom.
> Raw, Jpeg and DNG files
> The Lightroom Workflow
> Importing Photos
> Usage of presets

> Tweaking for Instagram



Private Photography Lesson with Juhani Sarglep